Modern Warfare 2 menu bug wastes player's double XP tokens

Modern Warfare 2 player running and double xp logo
Credit: Activision

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing. Infinity Ward’s latest multiplayer offering continues to cause frustration among players thanks to bugs causing players to turn invincible and an overly complicated UI.

With Season One on the horizon, many are hoping the current state of the game improves as they prepare for the imminent return of Shipment and a brand-new battle pass to work through.

The latest bug to emerge involves Modern Warfare 2’s glitching menu. One player trying to work through the menus sees all their stored double XP tokens disappear in a split second, much to their annoyance.

Modern Warfare 2 bug uses double XP

During a recent Twitch stream, content creator “MarkClarkk” attempts to navigate the out-of-control menus while searching for a match. In a moment of madness, the game decides to activate several hours of tokens instead of just one.

“What is going on?” enquires the streamer. A few seconds later, all of the double XP tokens are gone for good. The reasons behind the bug-filled menu are unclear but the loss of all the tokens just before the first season begins is hugely frustrating.

The only way to earn double XP tokens prior to the new season is by purchasing the Vault Edition which comes with ten hours of double XP and ten hours of double weapon XP. Using them is a great way to reach the highest levels across the game as fast as possible.

There’s a possibility of Activision reimbursing anyone who’s experienced the problem but with plenty more opportunities to earn tokens on the horizon, the vanishing tokens may not return at all. On a positive note, using all those tokens would be the perfect time to rank up weapons before the launch of Warzone 2.

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