Is K/D ratio as important in Modern Warfare 2 as other Call of Dutys?

Modern Warfare 2 K/D importance
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 K/D importance
Credit: Activision

A high K/D ratio in Call of Duty is the benchmark several players use to compare their skills against one another. Usually, having a K/D ratio higher than one suggests your ability in Modern Warfare 2 is above average.

As attention turns to Season Two, there are many hoping the next seasonal update delivers plenty of content but there are some that believe Infinity Ward is prioritising Warzone over multiplayer. On the other hand, a classic playlist has already made its way back so there’s always a chance the developer is listening to feedback.

The latest topic of conversation capturing players' attention involves the relevancy of the K/D ratio in modern-day Call of Duty releases.

Is Modern Warfare 2 K/D relevant?

According to Reddit user PaulMc7, the relevancy of the K/D ratio has deteriorated in recent years. “Kill-death ratio has never been more irrelevant,” claims the player. There are several factors as to why the statistic everyone compares doesn’t have the same impact as it did in old Call of Duty titles.

“Due to how wild the matchmaking actually is, you can go from playing bots to players near pro level on a game-to-game basis,” suggesting skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is the reason why K/D no longer matters.

Another commenter believes the inability to check the K/D of rival players has resulted in less caring about it. “K/D was only ever relevant when you could view the others in your lobby.”

Without any kind of ranked playlist to showcase skills against the very best, there’s no way of telling whether you’re a great MW2 player or you’ve just landed in a lobby where SBMM has acted kindly. Thankfully, ranked play is arriving in Season Two so there’s a way of seeing which players are at the top of the pile without having on K/D.

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