Classic Modern Warfare 2 playlist makes long-awaited return

Modern Warfare 2 classic playlist return
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 classic playlist return
Credit: Activision

The Modern Warfare 2 map pool has failed to capture the imagination of players. Despite some multiplayer battlegrounds being set on the side of a live racetrack or in amongst a hydroelectric dam where swimming guarantees to make an impact, many still prefer the offerings from older Call of Duty titles.

Ahead of Season Two, Infinity Ward continues to unveil changes and new content arriving as part of the update while the community continue to demand the return of iconic weaponry into the ever-expanding arsenal.

With a few weeks until the new content makes its way to multiplayer, the developer reintroduced a classic playlist to the delight of those that don’t fancy dropping into the most recent map selection.

Shoot the Ship is back in Modern Warfare 2

Following the removal and eventual return of Shipment 24/7, Infinity Ward introduced the popular Shoot the Ship playlist that first appeared in 2019’s Modern Warfare. The playlist includes a variety of game modes on Shoot House and Shipment which is perfect for those grinding through camo challenges.

Although the playlist contains a total of two maps, players are reporting that they’re loading into Shoot House for the majority of matches. “1.5 hours of play. Oops, all Shoot House!” exclaims one frustrated user.

It appears that the uneven split between Shoot House and Shipment isn’t a new phenomenon. “I wonder if it’s the same as the new MW19 version where you get Shoot House 90% of the time,” says one fan. After further investigation, the vast majority of Shoot the Ship matches take place on Shoot House which is annoying for fans of the all-out chaos Shipment provides.

The return of Shoot the Ship is a positive but the rarity of a Shipment match is proving unpopular among players. With only a few weeks until the launch of Season Two, there’s every chance Infinity Ward applies an update to adjust the balance so Shipment appears more frequently.

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