Modern Warfare 2 developers confirm return of fan-favourite mode

Modern Warfare 2 hardcore playlist
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 hardcore playlist
Credit: Activision

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 featured plenty of popular game modes. Whether it’s the classics of Team Deathmatch and Domination or newer offerings such as Cyber Attack, there are enough modes to suit all play styles.

With eyes turning to the launch of Season Two, Infinity Ward continues teasing what’s to come in the second seasonal update. Although the update is bound to contain plenty of new content, there are many that believe the developer is prioritising the success of Warzone 2 in favour of MW2 multiplayer.

Although priorities might have changed, Infinity Ward reveals a hugely popular fan-favourite mode is on its way back.

Hardcore is back in Modern Warfare 2

On release, fans were left frustrated with the glaring omission of the Hardcore playlist. On January 22, the developer confirmed its return in Season Two much to the community's delight.

Although players are excited for Hardcore to return, there are plenty that wonders why Infinity Ward ever replaced it with the unsuccessful Tier 1 mode. “Happy to see it's returning for the players that love it!” exclaims content creator CouRageJD. “Also, makes me question why it was changed in the first place.”

The return of Hardcore is a step in the right direction. On the other hand, there are still plenty of other elements that the community wants the devs to adjust. Twitch streamer Marksman wants overhauls to the confusing UI and tweaks to perks.

In comparison to standard Call of Duty multiplayer, Hardcore is an entirely different kettle of fish. The mode doesn’t include a head-up display resulting in a more realistic experience and a dramatic reduction in base health that results in a lightning-fast time to kill.

There’s every chance Infinity Ward has more changes in store and if they’re anything like the return of Hardcore, why has the developer made such drastic changes just to revert them a few months later?

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