Minecraft players entomb co-worker in real block fortress

A promo screenshot for Minecraft.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for Minecraft.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The creations of Minecraft players can range from the wacky to the ingenious, with massive masterpieces like faithful recreations of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino and the iconic Windows XP background, or even a working kebab machine being a regularity in blockland.

However, sometimes the most interesting Minecraft inventions are those that take place in real life, whether this involves baking a delicious cake or making an artist’s interpretation of what a PS1 version of the game would have looked like.

Then again, neither of these achievements really have anything on entombing a co-worker in a fortress made out of Minecraft blocks.

Ever dreamed of bringing Minecraft to your office?

The thread featuring this strange event in the subreddit r/Minecraft began with a post from user toy205, who shared an image of their co-worker peeking around a giant walls of Minecraft blocks erected between office desks, captioning it: “(Our) coworker wanted to play Minecraft with us on his birthday, but we wanted to play something more realistic.”

Some of their Minecraft brethren were impressed and eager to bring a taste of blockland to their own workplaces, with user PewterButters saying: “This is epic, I would leave my desk like that forever!” and Colorado_Rat adding: “That’s really realistic looking! Nice work.”

On the other hand, several were slightly concerned by the photo, given how different the proportions were to the game, with user Lootdit calculating: “Guys he's over nine blocks tall. Meaning he's over nine metres tall,” and dean1432 adding: “That's just him crouching down, imagine his full height.”

While this led user Weemonkey16_2 to conclude: “Endermen (are) gonna be worshipping him,” some players clearly couldn’t tell anything was up, with Cowfriend283 simply musing: “Sick texture pack.”

Others were inspired by the feat, with Darkdest666 saying: “dude I wanna do this but crochet all the blocks. Foam is expensive though” and probot77 adamantly declaring: “I will live in a house built with Minecraft blocks.”

Regardless of whether you’re hellbent on living like a real life Steve, make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.

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