Minecraft player makes PS1 copy of game

An image of Minecraft on the PS1.

An image of Minecraft on the PS1.

The creations of Minecraft players can range from the wacky to the ingenious, with massive masterpieces like a futuristic cricket stadium, a faithful recreation of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino, or even a working kebab machine being a regularity in blockland.

However, sometimes it’s their real-life exploits that can end up being the most impressive, especially when they turn things you thought you’d never see into a reality.

For instance, did you ever believe you’d lay your eyes on a copy of Minecraft for the PS1? Well, now you can!

Minecraft goes even more retro than usual

The thread about this old-school treasure in the subreddit r/Minecraft began with a post from user xKazIsKoolx, who shared an image of the game’s box and disks, simply captioning it: “I made this PS1 copy of Minecraft.”

Luckily, they didn’t leave without elaborating, explaining: “It's not a real game obviously, it's just for show, but I did make a Minecraft PS1 Edition modpack if anyone wants to check it out.”

Despite this, reviews for the physical version from their fellow players were pretty positive, with user GayCookieCodes saying: “I love how you thought of the idea of making separate discs for each dimension”, prompting xKazIsKoolx to respond: “Oh yeah there's no way it would have all fit on one disc.”

On the other hand, user krQniix was glad they don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis, saying: “Imagine wanting to go to the nether so you gotta swap discs and just hope there isn't the tiniest of scratches on it.”

Meanwhile, user dyingprinces pointed out that there is sort of a real PS1 version of Minecraft, providing a link to Fromage, a fan-made sandbox game inspired by Minecraft and developed for the PS1 between 2017 and 2019, which you can check out via the video below:

On the other hand, suggested that xKazIsKoolx’s version might need a bit more work to invoke the maximum amount of retro vibes, saying: “It needs a (load) of booklets, control guides and posters. Back then you actually got stuff like this with your games.”

Regardless of how good you are hoarding dated video game paraphernalia, make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.

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