GTA Online players claim the game is now unplayable on last-gen consoles

A screenshot from GTA 5.

A screenshot from GTA 5.

Due to its age, GTA Online has existed on more generations of console than most games, aside from maybe Skyrim.

Naturally, this means some players are still busy grinding away to become rich business moguls on PS4 and Xbox One, having not invested in (or struggled to find) a current-gen console: something the recent PS5 price increase certainly won’t help with.

Unfortunately, it seems that some of these players have begun to encounter some game-breaking issues that are inhibiting their enjoyment of the game, with the latest GTA Online update being cited as a possible cause of their suffering.

GTA player shows off purported issues on previous generation console

The thread on this topic in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user Cruddzoy, who shared a clip of their game appearing to bug out into a maze of pop-in and bad textures while running on an Xbox One S, saying: “[This is] what it's like playing GTA online with [an] old gen console, because we can't afford a new console.”

Some of their fellow last-gen legends were quick to back up their claim, with user Ozthedevil saying: “so true man, especially [in a] Public Lobby” and t_rave_art adding: “This is starting to happen on our Xbox One too. Not nearly this bad though.”

User cschoonmaker suggested that the issues aren’t exclusive to Xbox, saying of their PS4 version: “I have so many glitch and lag problems now after the last update that I’ve stopped playing. If it’s not going to change then I guess I’m done with GTA V.”

The supposed correlation between the issues and the introduction of the Criminal Enterprises update was also cited by user GuessWhoDidit_, who said: “I never had this issue before…it only started after the new criminal enterprises update,” adding that driving or piloting the game’s faster vehicles has become less enjoyable than before.

A few users cottoned onto the idea that the problems might be due to a strategy of “planned obsolescence” for last-gen versions of the game, with one user suggesting that the majority of server attention may have been diverted to the newer PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.

On the other hand, user MrPurple998 sarcastically said of the footage: “Yo, the [Nintendo] Switch port looks fire.”

Regardless of which platform you play GTA on, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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