GTA Online player taken by surprise after dying cop takes them out with a stray bullet

An image of some cops in GTA Online.

An image of some cops in GTA Online.

Many GTA Online players are pretty lethal in battle at this point, a result of thousands of hours spent grinding away at daring heists and dangerous sales missions with their dedicated crews in order to boost their in-game bottom line.

After all, if you’re stuck fighting griefers until GTA 6 arrives, you’re bound to develop some pretty sick shooting skills.

However, it seems that there are some NPCs who still have a few tricks up their sleeves in order to ruin a cocky killer’s day, as one player on Reddit recently found out.

Forget about arrows to the knee, how about taking a surprise shotgun blast to the foot?

Their unfortunate demise is the subject of a recent thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from the player in question, user Objective_Middle_696, who shared a clip of them battering a cop, who proceeds to decimate them with a stray bullet as he falls to the ground, captioning it: “Cop shot me after he died lol.”

Many of their fellow players didn’t seem too surprised by the sudden turn of events, with user Shashlik_McBlin saying: “A thing I have noticed with AI in GTA is that because of them falling, there is a chance that they pull the trigger from the shock of the fall” and HotRodHunter adding: “Guns discharging when dropped isn't much of a thing these days. Still very much a thing in the movies though, appropriate for Vinewood!”

User ophaus provided a bit of an extra warning regarding GTA’s loose cannon NPCs, claiming: “The gun can (also) go off if you step on a dead body,” while Admirable-Bluebird-4 offered a possible explanation for both phenomenons, musing: “Always keep your finger off the trigger. A dead man won’t be able to follow that (advice).”

Meanwhile, a few players offered alternative explanations, with user Mikeronni suggesting: “Homie was just rocking the ‘undying will’ perk” and GrazhdaninMedved proposing that the cop’s motto might have been: “Even in death I still serve.”

On the other hand, user AJ_Deadshow argued that the player was at fault for the incident, saying: “Well don't stand in front of the barrel genius, (that’s) gun safety rule (number) one.”

Regardless of whether you agree with this assessment of the situation, hard cash, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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