GTA 6 fans want stealth to be a feasible tactic throughout the game

An image of Michael from GTA 5, Hitman's Agent 47 and Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake.

An image of Michael from GTA 5, Hitman's Agent 47 and Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake.

While some GTA players are still trying to enjoy everything that Los Santos has to offer by getting up to wacky hijinks and spending all of their hard-earned cash, others are already looking forward to GTA 6.

For some, this has involved trying to predict what the next game’s map will look like, agonising over how they’ll earn back their current GTA Online fortune if it includes tax mechanics, or arguing that it shouldn’t come with a new version of GTA Online.

However, others have focused on what they’d like to see from specific areas of the long-anticipated title’s gameplay, whether this be co-op, bowling or, in the case of one recent discussion, stealth.

Do you think GTA 6 needs to make the quiet approach more effective?

This conversation forms the topic of a recent thread on the GTA 6 subreddit, which began with a post from user bird720, who asserted that, while the likes of gunplay and driving are regularly talked about with regards to GTA 6, stealth mechanics aren’t.

They then outlined their own idea of how this could work better in the new game than it did in GTA 5, suggesting that the existing enemy line-of-sight system is “janky” and should be dropped in favour of a Hitman-esque detection metre, with features like the ability to get past enemies using deception being a bonus.

A number of their fellow GTA stans seemed to agree that the existing mechanics do need an overhaul, with user RockNDrums going so far as to argue: “The stealth in V felt dated back when it (was) released on the (Xbox) 360/ PS3,” though many emphasised that a couple of the ideas suggested by bird720 might be a little bit too hardcore for GTA.

For instance, user SignificantParfait suggested: “Bagging items, picking up bodies and hiding them, that's all a bit Hitman, but NPCs ‘seeing’ things that shouldn't be present (and) setting off alarms.. that feels right,” and RockNDrums adding their own idea that, during online missions, one player being discovered by AI shouldn’t result in the entire team being detected, making drawing fire a viable strategy.

Meanwhile, user Embarrassed-Funny546 implied that the stagnation of stealth mechanics isn’t something unique to the GTA series, saying: “This was a problem not only in (GTA) 5, but Red Dead Redemption 2 as well. I’d like to see Rockstar be innovative and creative with gameplay in (GTA) 6, instead of just re-hashing the same basic mechanics with every title.”

Regardless of how avant-garde you think GTA 6 should be, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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