Fortnite players are locked in an intense lore debate over the name of its latest event

A weird brain-in-a-jar man in Fortnite.

A weird brain-in-a-jar man in Fortnite.

While they can often be found studying the techniques of streamers like Ninja or testing out new weapons to work out which of them offers the best chance of obtaining a victory royale, Fortnite players aren’t solely driven by pragmatism.

Much like their brethren in the communities of games like Skyrim or Elden Ring, some of the battle royale’s top participants are a bit into the stories unfolding behind all of the violence.

Currently, these Fortnite lore buffs have their eyes set on the event that’s due to arrive in the game imminently, with its name having triggered some interesting discussion.

What are you expecting from Fortnite’s latest event?

This discourse is the subject of a recent thread on the subreddit r/FortNiteBR, which began with a post from user AccomplishedBelt7, who said: “Every event so far has had a pretty good name describing what's about to happen.”, before suggesting that since this one is called Fracture, it: “might actually not end well for everyone.”

The majority of their fellow players seemed to agree that something big might be afoot, with user Salza_boi speculating that reality itself could begin to destabilise as a result of the fractures, leading them to wonder: “Perhaps we will go into the zero point to a new reality to escape The Nothing’s grasp?”

User Key_Meringue_530 had a different view, suggesting: “I feel like (the) zero point is gonna be destroyed. What happens next, who knows? Chapter 4 is such a mystery at the moment.”, though, Decades101 refuted this, saying: “The Zero Point can’t be destroyed, because if the Zero Point got destroyed, then the whole omniverse would be gone, and Fortnite wouldn’t be possible anymore.”

Meanwhile, user toastyhero proposed that whatever goes down in the event could have massive practical implications, suggesting: “It fractures the player base. If you die in the event, it bans your account automatically.”

Naturally, this comment led some users to contemplate their Fortnite mortality, with True-Paranoia declaring: “If I’m gonna die, I want it to be while wearing the Kratos skin. Epic, you should know what to do by now.”

Regardless of whether you will go gently into that good Fortnite if you get a hold of your dream skin, make sure to follow us for more updates on both Fortnite and popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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