Ninja and Dr Disrespect team up on stream for the first time in over two years

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An image of Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

Despite them being good friends, seeing Ninja and Dr Disrespect, two of streaming’s biggest personalities, in the same place has been a bit of a rarity over the past few years.

Aside from a couple of instances, such as a Fortnite tournament in May this year, the pair have generally stuck to separate streaming platforms, with Ninja primarily broadcasting on Twitch and the Doc doing so on YouTube.

However, now it seems that Ninja’s new philosophy of streaming everywhere has brought the duo together again, much to the joy of fans and fellow streamer Timthetatman.

Were you hyped to see a Ninja and Dr Disrespect collab in 2022?

Having been announced on Twitter last week, the long-awaited reunion took place as part of a six-and-a-half-hour stream on Dr Disrespect’s YouTube channel, which saw the pair, alongside Timthetatman and Cloakzy, share a few pretty wholesome moments.

Despite the possibility of rust after such a long separation, the pair’s teamwork didn’t seem to have suffered, allowing them to grab a number of victory royales via some good communication and tactical deployment of their highly-honed shooting skills.

One moment of the stream that fans might find particularly cool saw all four of the streamers hop into a pickup together and go for a nice little drive around the map, grabbing a few kills along the way.

That said, things ended on a bit of a sour note, with the Doc coming in second to a random player during the final Fortnite match of the stream, though this didn’t stop everyone involved from saying GG and teasing more collaborations in the future, with Ninja musing: “I can play any game, any time, anywhere, just hit me up.”

So, now the wait begins to see which titles could be next on the pair’s list, with Call of Duty, Apex Legends and even Dr Disrespect’s own Deadrop all seemingly being possibilities.

Regardless of which of these you’d like to see the twosome take to next, make sure to follow us for more updates on both Fortnite and popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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