Fallout New Vegas mod lets you take a ride on Primm’s rollercoaster

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The rollercoaster in Fallout New Vegas.
Credit: AmaccurzerO on Nexus Mods/Obsidian.

While Fallout 4 is constantly receiving new mods that bring fresh weapons, quests and gear to The Commonwealth, sometimes you can’t beat delving back into Fallout New Vegas.

After all, with iconic locations to visit, retro Fallout vibes to enjoy and big expansions in the works, the game still has plenty to keep you entertained while you wait for Starfield or Fallout London to finally arrive.

If you’re someone who’s always wished certain aspects of the Mojave were a bit more interactive or dynamic than the technical limitations of 2010 would allow, or you just love rollercoasters, a new mod is definitely worth checking out.

Have you ever wanted to ride a rollercoaster in Fallout New Vegas?

The mod in question is called ‘A Ride on El Diablo’ and is the work of modders AmaccurzerO and Ashens2014. The former has previously added animations to everything from Camp McCarran’s Monorail to Mr House’s face, while the latter has used them to create an alien invasion and a working racetrack.

This time, they’ve teamed up to bring El Diablo, the massive rollercoaster attached to Primm’s Bison Steve Hotel, back into working order, giving you the chance to celebrate rescuing the town’s populace with an exhilarating ride.

As you can see in the showcase video above, in order to board the coaster, you’ll have to interact with a new control panel situated to the left of the Bison Steve’s front doors. Doing so will automatically deposit your character in a cart and initiate a pretty smoothly animated ride that culminates in a big climb followed by a plummet.

It’s important to note that the ride will only work as intended if your camera is in first person mode and that the coaster’s current speed is the fastest that the modders can manage without causing any unfixable issues.

“Ashens did much of the groundwork repairing the coaster and animating the car. With a little magic I was able to make it rideable,” reveals AmaccurzerO in the mod’s description, adding: “I dreamed once of taking a ride on Primm's roller coaster and I am sure many of you (did) too. Now you can.”


Regardless of whether you’ve now abandoned your pursuit of Benny to enjoy the kind of thrills only a rickety post-apocalyptic fairground ride can offer, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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