Fallout New Vegas mod has you fight off an alien invasion of the Mojave

An alien and a UFO in Fallout New Vegas.

An alien and a UFO in Fallout New Vegas.

While a lot of Fallout 4 mods are designed to bring beloved features and characters from previous games in the series to the Commonwealth, including everyone’s favourite clone and ED-E, sometimes you can’t beat delving back into Fallout 3 or New Vegas for real.

After all, while the Fallout 4 New Vegas modding project looks to be coming along brilliantly, it hasn’t quite arrived in full yet.

However, if you fancy another trip through the Mojave and don’t think fighting off a crippling addiction to pork and beans is enough to spice things up, a new mod is offering an out-of-this-world solution to your conundrum.

An extra-terrestrial threat has decided to stake its claim for Hoover Dam

The mod in question is called ‘Wild Wasteland UFOS’ and is the work of prolific modder Ashens2014, who has lots of experience bringing new life to New Vegas, having previously returned Camp McCarran’s cargo planes to the sky and even made a car do hot laps of the old oval racetrack at Ivanpah Dry Lake.

This time, they’ve decided to use their experience with animations to stage an alien invasion of the Mojave, with UFOs randomly popping up all over the place to scout the place out or drop off martian hit squads, as you can see in the video below.

The mod does this by giving you the chance to randomly spot UFOs during your travels that you can either destroy or simply observe, with those who choose the destructive path incurring the wrath of the Zentans, who’ll start mounting attacks and ambushes to try and take out the pesky courier.

With a variety of different armaments, plus some airstrikes and abominations at their disposal, these might not prove easy fights, making the perks and XP you get from defeating aliens and destroying UFOs well-earned rewards.

On the other hand, if you’re playing a pacifist, the mod can act more as an extension of the Wild Wasteland perk, giving you something to spot while you’re out adventuring, though you won’t be able to acquire any of the aforementioned rewards or the ability to build a special UFO spotting tower via a weapon randomly dropped by the aliens.

If you’re keen for some close encounters, you’ll first need to make sure you grab the New Vegas script extender, jazzisparis and LuthienAnarion’s ‘JIP LN NVSE Plugin’ and Ashens2014’s own ‘Global Imposter Region’.

Regardless of whether your character’s now telling UFO-fighting tales that make No-bark Noonan’s musings seem normal, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Fallout, Skyrim and Elden Ring.

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