Fallout Nuevo Mexico gets fresh gameplay trailer with plenty of classic Fallout vibes

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Some characters in Fallout Nuevo Mexico.
Credit: The Fallout Nuevo Mexico team.

While some of them have recently been hosting Pride parades or exploring The Commonwealth without leaving its roads, Fallout players can often be found searching the Nexus for mods that offer new adventures.

No matter whether what you’re seeking is a re-imagining of an underwhelming vanilla mission, the chance to help out a baseball-loving robot, or even a quest inspired by The Legend of Zelda, modders have probably got you covered.

If you’re a vault dweller that can't wait to delve into Fallout London once you’ve finished your first Starfield playthrough, or someone who really loves Black Isle Studios’ classic Fallout games from the late 90s, a new trailer for a massive modding project might be worth checking out.

Are you excited to delve into the world of Fallout Nuevo Mexico?

First teased back in 2021, Fallout Nuevo Mexico is set to take players to a version of its titular state rendered in Fallout New Vegas’ engine and depict a series of events that take place in 2166, which is five years after the original Fallout and fifteen years before the courier is fetched from their grave to begin New Vegas plot.

As you might imagine given this timeframe, the mod’s new trailer confirms that with it: “The team behind Fallout Nuevo Mexico aims to reimagine the world of Fallout by going back to its original roots.”

Kicking things off by revealing that you’ll have a choice between starting off the mod as a prisoner with amnesia (Elder Scrolls fans rejoice) or a dreamer, this showcase offers a look at plenty of cool locations and fully voice-acted characters, as well as offering a taste of its unique soundtrack.

Among its most interesting inclusions are the reveal that choosing to start as the dreamer will allow you to play as a ghoul character that starts their adventure in a pre-war military base now known as “The Reservation” and craft “radiation boosters” that’ll grant you the abilities of a feral ghoul.

The town of Roswell also makes a cameo, so who knows what kind of extraterrestrial-themed hijinks could be going on there.


Since this trailer’s release, the Project’s Lead, modder Zapshock54 has clarified that the mod’s voice acting will make areas of New Mexico feel culturally distinct from Mexico itself via the use of local dialects and accents, in addition to emphasising that the team will be showing off more gameplay soon.

So, make sure you remember to brush up on your knowledge of the American southwest as well as doing your homework on London and make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. You can also check out our latest mods of the month.

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