Fallout London modders delay release until after Starfield, show off more of their great work

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One of Fallout London's environments.
Credit: The Fallout London team.

While some of them have recently been hosting Pride parades or exploring The Commonwealth without leaving its roads, Fallout players can often be found searching the Nexus for mods that offer new adventures.

No matter whether what you’re seeking is a re-imagining of an underwhelming vanilla mission, the chance to help out a baseball-loving robot, or even a quest inspired by The Legend of Zelda, modders have probably got you covered.

That said, if you’re a vault dweller that can't wait to delve into Fallout London when it arrives, it’s now been confirmed that you’re going to have to wait until after Starfield’s arrival to do so.

What do you think of this latest preview of Fallout London?

In their progress showcase video for 2023’s 2nd quarter, which you can watch in full below, the team behind the mod offer a look at some more of what it has in store, but also reveal that it’s release has been pushed back towards the end of this year, in order to avoid being too close to Starfield’s release in September.

“We’re not providing you with a specific day, but I can openly say that it will be in the fourth quarter of the year,” Dean ‘Prilladog’ Carter, Fallout London’s Project Lead says in the video, explaining that the team had intended to release in the upcoming quarter, but this would now entail it coming out around the same time as Starfield, something they understandably want to avoid.

“This not only gives you all more time to play Starfield, but also allows us more time for play testing and bug fixing, so it’s a win-win situation.” continues Carter, emphasising that not being beholden to shareholders means making this kind of call is relatively easy and adding: “Our vow to you is that we’ll not release something rushed or broken.”

Aside from this announcement, the video also features looks at plenty of cool things the team have been working on for the mod, including a post-apocalyptic trebuchet, nuclear mouse traps, and a version of the mace from the House of Commons that you can actually wield as a weapon.


There’s also a montage showcasing some of the interesting environments and locations you’ll be traversing, which have been created by Fallout London’s dedicated level design team.

So, make sure you remember to brush up on your knowledge of the UK in addition to doing your homework on the cosmos and make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. You can also check out our mods of the month for May 2023.

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