Elden Ring player manages to one hit kill the game’s toughest death rite bird

One of Elden Ring's death rite birds.

When they’re not reading humorous messages, tier-listing hats or dressing their child up as Radahn, Elden Ring players tend to take the game pretty seriously.

For the most hardened connoisseurs of frustration, grinding through terrifyingly difficult boss battles has become mundane by this point, leading many to seek out unorthodox methods of dialling up the adversity and making things interesting again.

In the case of a player on Reddit, this has meant taking on the challenge of outdoing one of their fellow Tarnished and felling one of the game’s toughest death rite birds in a single hit.

Have you managed to one-shot any Elden Ring bosses?

Their achievement is the topic of a thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post by the aforementioned player, user Flint_Vorselon, who shared a clip of them nailing the fearsome foul and explained: “Someone posted (a) video of (them) two-shotting (the) hardest death (rite) bird in the game, (so I) decided to do better and one-shot it.”

Their fellow tarnished were pretty impressed, with user 88Turdburglar saying: “Nice, (expletive) that bird.” and supersaiyanvidel adding: “That’s a lot of damage.”

For those wondering exactly how all of this damage was delivered, Flint_Vorselon provided an incredibly in-depth rundown of their loadout, which included the Inseparable Sword, spells like the Golden Vow and, most importantly, a Black Dumpling Helm.

They also detailed a number of other items and buffs that they’d had in their back pocket, but hadn’t had to use, as well as suggesting that they might have had to poison their character if they’d chosen to don a different hat.

Unfortunately, they might need to do so if they choose to take on an additional challenge proposed by one of the players in the thread, user Banditzombie97, who declared: “Walk up and zero-shot it or you're bad.”

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