Elden Ring players want to be able to wield boomerangs and quarter staffs

Some Elden Ring players fighting using weapons.

Some Elden Ring players fighting using weapons.

While they may not have any massive expansions to dig into quite yet, Elden Ring players are still keeping themselves busy, with the long-awaited Colosseum DLC providing a fresh challenge for many who now consider traditional boss battles to be old news.

That said, sometimes even the acts of butchering an endless supply of bloodthirsty fellow players or emulating streamer MissMikkaa’s run through the game on two devices at once can get stale if you’re using the same sword you always end up going for.

This certainly seems to be the case for some players on Reddit, who’ve been busy coming up with ideas for new types of weapons they’d like to use to battle Malenia and Radahn simultaneously or slay an entire army of rats.

What do you fancy brandishing during your next Elden Ring playthrough?

Their blade-based brainstorming forms the subject of a thread on the Elden Ring subreddit, which was kicked off by a post from a user who asked: “If you could add a new weapon category, i.e. daggers, swords etc what would you add?”

Their fellow Tarnished were quick to rattle off some suggestions, with user TonyBlobfish declaring: “I want some kicking action like what Niall does.”, sofathebig simply advocating for: “Even bigger colossal weapons.” and turtlebambi musing: “(We need) colossal whips, the ultimate sweet spot weapon.”

User backberrygames wanted nothing more than to become either Batman or an Australian Aborigine, nominating “Boomerangs (as an) infinite ammo ranged weapon.”, with Chane25 adding: “Low damage and moderate speed, but good range and staggering, that'd be (very) cool.”

On the other hand, users Gastropodius and danfenlon went for two different kinds of staff, with one offering “sorceries and incantations” and the other being a melee-oriented quarterstaff.

Meanwhile, user jgarebear decided that taking on their enemies' strengths might be a good idea and went for: “Creature weapons. Like giant lobster pincers or something ridiculous like that.”

If you’re currently trying to think of your own interesting weapon idea while exploring the lands between, it might be worth checking out modder UnrealWarlord’s ‘Elden Ring BGM Remover’, which will free you from in-game musical distractions.

Regardless of whether you enjoy appreciating the sound of silence as you wander The Lands Between, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Elden Ring’s newest addition.

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