Elden Ring players debate which boss combinations would work well as duo battles

Some of Elden Ring's bosses.

Some of Elden Ring's bosses.

While they may not have any massive expansions to dig into quite yet, Elden Ring players are still keeping themselves busy, with the long-awaited Colosseum DLC providing a fresh challenge for many who now consider traditional boss battles to be a walk in the park.

After all, surely an endless supply of bloodthirsty fellow players, all of whom will have slightly different playstyles and views on when it’s polite to bow to your opponent should keep things interesting?

For those who’ve tired of PvP and don’t have the hardware to emulate streamer MissMikkaa’s run through the game on two devices at once, maybe an idea currently being discussed in the Elden Ring subreddit might be of interest.

While Elden Ring baddies do you think you could take on simultaneously?

The conversion regarding the concept in question was kicked off by a post from user johnspongegod, who asked: “(Which) bosses would make a good duo?”, adding: “For a fight and/or a 'relationship'.”

Their fellow players were quick to rattle off some interesting suggestions, with user Aardvarcado- declaring: “Dual Tibia Mariners was a missed opportunity.”, gromWasTakwn suggested teaming up a lobster with a giant hand and Glum_Substance9109 advocating for: “The Great Kenneth Haight and face stomping (Gatekeeper) Gostoc.”

Some had ideas of how a pairing could play off of the mimic tear mechanic to create a rather surreal battle, with user -Silky_Johnson imagining: “A pair of mimics that would be two versions of you that could combine to form an even bigger version of you.”, to which Just_A_Mad_Scientist replied: “Or a mimic fight where they use every version of your character from the beginning of the game to every re-spec.”

On the other hand, user PlainOldCookies suggested combining Radagon with his red wolf, leading Imporor to say: “I imagine (that would be like) a game of fetch (in which) the player is the stick.”

Meanwhile, user Zewarudio went to the meme well to nominate: “Godrick and a Rune Bear. So we can BEEAARR WITTNESSS!!”

Regardless of which pair of Elden Ring bosses would be strong enough together to give you nightmares, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Elden Ring’s newest addition.

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