Elden Ring’s cosplayers are developing custom Colosseum passwords so they don’t just have to face OP builds

Some players fighting in Elden Ring's Colosseum.

Some players fighting in Elden Ring's Colosseum.

While they may not have gotten the massive expansion announcement they wanted out of last week’s Game Awards, Elden Ring players have still had new content to dig into, with the long-awaited Colosseum DLC providing a fresh challenge for those who consider themselves PvP masters.

However, for those who haven’t already mastered the battle arena using a dance pad and abandoned it in favour of trying to beat the game on two screens at once, it seems that the gladiatorial stage is proving a bit tough to enjoy.

This looks to be especially true if you like to dress your tarnished up in gear that matches a specific look, rather than simply going for the best loadout possible, leading some players to try and develop their own specific fight clubs.

Have you ever dressed up your Tarnished in a special costume to take on Elden Ring?

This trend forms a thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from user FoxoTheFancy, who shared a screenshot of their Witcher-inspired Geralt of Rivia build and asked: “Can we all collectively agree on a Colosseum password for cosplay battles?”

They also explained why they wanted to set one up, saying: “I really just want to have team battles and duels without the meta and level 99 moonveil, wave of gold, and bleed build spammers.”

Their fellow tarnished were quick to offer a couple of suggestions, with user SilentSnows advocating for the word “bling” in all caps and RealWhiteWarg declaring: “Password shall be: Dave.”

Thankfully, user stalechipswhatkind was able to suggest FoxoTheFancy head over to another subreddit, r/Colosseum, which looks to have been freshly created last week in order to cater specifically to those looking to discuss matters related to Elden Ring’s battle arena.

Here, a community of players have created a list of Colosseum passwords aimed at those who want to encounter specific enemies when they step into the arena, from other cosplay builds like FoxoTheFancy’s, to builds that’ll only use basic weapons and even players who’ll deploy their spirit ashes to duel your own in the Elden Ring version of a Pokemon battle.

They’re also open to expanding the list with new suggestions, so if you’re looking to take other players who’d rather have an actual dance off than a fight, you might still be in luck.

Regardless of whether your Tarnished is now practising hitting the griddy so hard even Malenia would have to yield to it, make sure to follow us for guides to Elden Ring’s newest addition.

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