Elden Ring modder brings classic version of God of War’s Kratos to the Lands Between

God of War's Kratos in Elden Ring.

God of War's Kratos in Elden Ring.

When they’re not reading tier-listing hats, debating the ethical implications of war crimes, or fighting Thomas the Tank Engine, Elden Ring players tend to take the game pretty seriously.

For the most hardened players and streamers, this commitment has led them to seek out unorthodox methods of spicing up their playthroughs, for example, beating it using a drawing pad or with only one hand.

If you’re looking for a slightly less extreme method of changing things up in the Lands Between, a new mod will allow you to do just that by turning the Tarnished into the protagonist of the God of War series, which has a fan base similarly dedicated to making things as hard as possible.

Have you ever wanted to combine your love of old-school God of War with Elden Ring?

The mod in question is called ‘Kratos' Armor Set’ and is the work of prolific modder KRDCD, who has a lot of form with adding custom character skins to the game, having brought everyone from Dark Souls’ Solaire, to The Lord of The Rings’ Aragorn and even samurai versions of Batman and the Joker to Elden Ring.

This time they’ve done the same for the relatively youthful version of Kratos featured in 2010’s God of War three, ensuring that long-time fans of the series can try and relive that game‘s epic encounters via the proxies of Elden Ring’s colourful cast of bosses.

In order to help you defeat these baddies, the mod includes a number of different, but equally iconic, weapon sets from Kratos’ adventures, including the Blades of Exile, the Blades of Athena, and the Blade of Olympus.

All of these serve as replacement skins for vanilla weapons, with Kratos’ Morpheus armour also replacing the game’s Fingerprint armour set, meaning you might want to check that your favourite gear isn’t set to be switched out before you install away.

If what you see isn’t to your liking or you’re just a big fan of beards, you could try az3163693’s ‘God Of War 4 Kratos’ instead, which adds in a version of everyone’s favourite bald shouty man that’s more similar to that you’ll see in 2018’s God of War and Ragnarok.

If that sounds like a good time to you, then make sure to grab mod engine 2, as you’ll need it to load up both of these mods and start kicking some bottom.

Regardless of whether you prefer full beards to elaborate soul patches, make sure to follow us for coverage of more great Elden Ring mods and guides to the ins and outs of Ragnarok.

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