God of War streamer finally beats Sigrun using dance pad following multiple gruelling streams

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Streamer MissMikkaa with God of War's Kratos.

With Ragnarok now being close to release, God of War fever has gripped many gamers, who, when they’re not discussing whether Kratos should fight Jesus at some point, are having to find ways to tide themselves over until November 9.

Inventing unorthodox ways of playing popular games is something of a speciality for a few Twitch streamers, with drawing pad and one-handed playthroughs of Elden Ring having taken place recently on the platform.

Kratos’ adventures haven’t been immune to this treatment, with streamer MissMikkaa’s run through 2018’s God of War using a dance pad having just featured one of the most gruelling boss battles ever danced.

Do you think you’ve got the moves to successfully dance a lethal tango with Sigrun?

MissMikkaa kicked off this run late last month and has been using all of the skills she’s previously cultivated while cha-cha sliding her way past bosses like Elden Ring’s Radagon to successfully waltz Kratos and Atreus through Midgard.

A number of recent streams have seen her take on the leader of the game’s cursed valkyries, Sigrun, with the first of these having seen the streamer struggle to make much of a dent in the substitute Queen, while analysing which aspects of Kratos’ loadout and abilities she might need to upgrade in order to come out on top in the clash.

Having put in a bit of off-stream work to level up, MissMikkaa returned the next day to take a second crack at Sigrun.

While this broadcast saw the streamer’s attempts continue to fall short, she remained confident that the task wasn’t impossible, at one point saying: “I feel like we have a good setup, I just need to do it.”

Determined to do just that, MissMikkaa’s latest stream saw her throw everything but the kitchen sink at the boss, resulting in a seven hour stream which featured around six hours of non-stop Sigrun struggling, during which the streamer was slain multiple times.

However, the final attempt, before which MissMikkaa took a short break and breathlessly declared: “I’m not gonna give up you know.”, delivered the victory that she’d craved.

This seemed like it happened at exactly the right moment, as the streamer looked completely exhausted once the fight was over, barely being able to finish a sentence as her fans sent in their messages of congratulations.

Regardless of whether you’re still on track to complete your own version of this playthrough before Ragnarok releases, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to all of Ragnarok’s puzzles and secrets.

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