Dr Disrespect demands a nerf for this Warzone 2 perk

Warzone 2 players holding guns and Dr Disrespect
Credit: Activision / YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Content creator Dr Disrespect often shares his thoughts on the current state of Warzone 2. Call of Duty’s battle royale sequel has its fair share of game-breaking bugs and there’s a high chance they’re the cause of plummeting Steam numbers.

With the focus slowly turning to the start of Season Two, fans are growing tired of the game’s ridiculously low TTK resulting in many believing Warzone 2 is a complete downgrade to Warzone 1.

During a recent broadcast, the two-time video gaming champion faced plenty of obstacles including hackers ruining his matches. Once the hackers had disappeared, the Doc shared his thoughts on the Birdseye perk before revealing the perk needs a major nerf.

Does Birdseye need a nerf?

While dropping into Al Mazrah with long-time duo ZLaner, the streamer decides to switch up his perk package in a bid to gain the upper hand over the opposition. Based on ZLaner’s recommendations, the two-time settles on the Recon package containing Birdseye.

Following a brief explanation as to why Birdseye is one of the very best Warzone 2 perks available to use, the Doc soon found out why it’s broken. After discovering there’s no way to counter the perk, Doc says the perk needs to be “immediately fixed.” The streamer goes a step further, claiming that the issue is Warzone 2’s “worst bug to date.”

Considering Ghost is available to use in other perk packages, players would expect some kind of counter to conceal their location every time a UAV takes to the skies. Unfortunately, the perk doesn’t protect anyone from the overpowered Birdseye perk which, according to the Doc, explains why so many players gain an unfair advantage over the course of a match.

Season Two for the battle royale isn’t far away, and many are hoping for a major Birdseye nerf in addition to numerous bug fixes in a bid to restore smooth gameplay to Al Mazrah. We’ll have to wait and see what Infinity Ward has up its sleeve regarding the new season, but in the meantime, make the most of Birdseye before a nerf arrives.

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