Is Warzone 2 a complete downgrade to Warzone 1?

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Warzone 2 player holding gun and Ghost
Credit: Activision
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The current state of Warzone 2 continues to split the opinion of players dropping into Al Mazrah. The sequel to the hugely successful Warzone set a high bar for Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering and despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward, the developer seems to have missed the mark.

With eyes on the upcoming Season Two update, community members continue uncovering numerous bugs and glitches that often ruin matches. Ranging from mid-air helicopter explosions to disappearing guns in the heat of battle, the game is on a downward slope towards its own gulag.


The criticisms keep on coming. One fan claims Warzone 2 is a downgrade from the first title thanks to attempts to reinvent features that didn’t need adjusting.

Warzone 2 is worse than Warzone 1 according to players

The claim comes from Reddit user King-Callous, who recently swapped Warzone Caldera for the sequel. The player says the game is a “complete downgrade” and questions why developers opted to change key features such as the gulag and the function of loadouts.


“Why the F is there a random juggernaut in a 2v2?” questions the fan. “Why even is it 2v2 and not 1v1? The loadout system is another joke.” It’s safe to say they’re not the biggest supporters of the current structure.

Unlike some posts critiquing Warzone 2, others aren’t happy with another rant addressing obvious flaws with the game. "Rant number 9287, back in line!” exclaims one commenter. Another also believes Warzone 2 is a step in the wrong direction. “This game is way better than WZ2.0. And it’s called 2.0 because it wants to do things differently.”

Although players aren’t approving of the gulag, developers are reverting changes. During the first season, loadout drops have returned to buy stations and there’s every chance further adjustments are on their way soon.


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