Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society delays release of second Deadrop snapshot

An image of Dr Disrespect.

An image of Dr Disrespect.

While fellow streamer Ninja has mysteriously gone dark for now, Dr Disrespect has been very visible in the public space as of late, returning to PUBG, tweeting about his unhappiness with YouTube and even showing up at the San Francisco 49ers’ pre-season camp.

However, things haven’t all been going swimmingly for the Doc since his studio, Midnight Society unveiled the first snapshot of its heavily hyped FPS title, Deadrop, at the end of July.

The second snapshot of the game, designed to improve upon that initial build, has now had its release delayed, with a desire to avoid crunch being cited as the main reason for the deferment.

How do you feel about having to wait a little longer for your next Deadrop fix?

The delay, which will see the second snapshot arrive on September 20, was announced by the studio’s Twitter account, which provided a statement from studio head Robert Bowling.

“Today, after discussing the work remaining to get (the second snapshot) out the door to the quality bar that we demand for our community, it was clear that it would only be possible if the team worked far beyond normal working hours.” explained Bowling in the statement.

He added that the newly chosen release date: “will allow proper time to finish the implementation of the essential backend component core to the new gameplay system, while allowing our team to do it in a work cycle that is balanced and healthy.”

While Dr Disrespect did retweet the announcement via his main account, he didn’t provide any additional comments on it.

Meanwhile, some prospective Deadrop players responding to the statement seemed to be open to the idea of a delay in order to limit crunch, with user @ephemeralburito saying: “The team is already developing at a faster rate than I ever imagined, no problem in trying to balance workloads. You got this!”, while @_jet301 added: “Take your time! Take care of the Team! We’ll be here for it.”

However, others were less enthusiastic, with user @bart_tatara saying: “Only the second deadline and it’s already missed. (It’s) gonna be hard to recover from that one.” and @inhuman adding: “If you guys won't ship a broken experience, can you please explain snapshot one?”

Regardless of what you’ve thought of Deadrop thus far, make sure to follow us for more updates on it and popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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