Dr Disrespect ironically feels disrespected by YouTube

An image of Dr Disrespect on YouTube.

An image of Dr Disrespect on YouTube.

Having recently unveiled the first snapshot of Midnight Society’s upcoming title, Deadrop, and returned to PUBG in fine form, moustachioed streamer Dr Disrespect believes he’s on the roll of a lifetime.

However, it seems that being invited to the San Francisco 49ers’ pre-season camp isn’t enough validation for the Doc.

So, the streamer has decided to reiterate his unhappiness with his platform of choice, taking off the sunglasses momentarily to call out YouTube for its lack of support for him.

The disrespecter becomes the disrespected

Taking to Twitter under his real name of Guy Beahm, Disrespect declared: “It’s amazing to think the platform Doc streams on doesn’t support him one bit. No follow, zero communication, absolutely no love.”

“The impact we’ve had on YouTube streaming growth is insane.”, he continued, finishing: “We’ve been taken advantage of…. Jesus YouTube, show some respect.”

Some of those responding to the post certainly seemed to agree with Beahm’s take on his alter-ego’s followless plight, with YouTuber StoneMountain64 replying: “Succeeding despite (this) shows the power, but they gotta wake up over there. I still think Doc should multistream with TikTok and Facebook too. Take over everything.”

Interestingly, streamer x SERP3NT replied to StoneMountain64 asking whether this strategy might be unavailable for Disrespect due to an exclusivity contract with YouTube, leading StoneMountain to reply: “No, Doc was banned from Twitch and moved to YouTube, so no contracts.”

The streamer then suggested that Disrespect could be holding out for deals from other streaming platforms, before adding that all of this speculation was only based on his own knowledge.

A number of other responses touched on the idea of Disrespect seeking a contract from YouTube rather than just a follow, with one of the streamer’s moderators, @layer_cake, saying: “So many streamers wanted to jump ship from Twitch way before the Doc ban, and you’re showing them that success on YouTube is possible and get nothing in return. Absolute shame.”

Responding to this comment, user @Naughtya77 touched on the idea that YouTube has no impetus to offer the moustachioed streamer anything due to his strained relationship with Twitch likely serving to limit his options if he were to seek a move to another large platform.

Thankfully, the character of the Doc seemed unperturbed by any of this discussion, outlining the extent of his problems by tweeting: “I hate having to clean my 150ft long infinity pool on a Sunday in 82-degree sunny weather with margaritas poolside.”

Regardless of whether you suffer from pool-based problems, make sure to follow us for more updates on popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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