All Destiny 2 The Final Shape pre-order bonuses

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The Final Shape Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie

After showcasing the future of the franchise, many fans got so excited that they're looking into the Destiny 2 The Final Shape pre-order bonuses to enjoy while they wait for the final Light and Darkness saga expansion to arrive.

Following The Final Shape showcase, which among other things, confirmed that the final confrontation against The Witness will take place inside the Traveler, Guardians were shown all the pre-order bonuses you'll get for purchasing the DLC and the annual pass early.

You'll get instant access to an incredible-looking Exotic fusion rifle and a bunch of other cosmetics, so let's take a look and see if pre-ordering Destiny 2 The Final Shape is worth it for you.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape pre-order content

The FInal Shape pre order
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Credit: Bungie
The Final Shape pre-order bonuses!

If you have the cash and are into getting things before anyone else, then Destiny 2 The Final Shape pre-order might entice you. The biggest perk is that you'll get to play with the new Exotic fusion rifle, Tessellation.

The biggest perk about the gun is that, depending on your equipped subclass, the gun will adapt to it! So basically, you'll be able to do Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand damage at will with a single weapon.

There's also other perks, mostly cosmetics. So to summarise, this is what you'll get for pre-ordering Destiny 2 The Final Shape:

  • Tessellation Exotic fusion rifle
  • Exotic emblem
  • Exotic Ghost
  • Exotic emote

How to pre-order Destiny 2 The Final Shape

We're sure the usual retailers like Amazon are already taking pre-orders, but if you want to check which stores within your region are already accepting The Final Shape pre-orders, we recommend you check out the Bungie website for all official information.

And that's it! There's plenty of content to enjoy between now and the release of The Final Shape, so check out all Artifact mods and perks that you'll be able to use in Season 22, also known as Season of the Witch.

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