Destiny 2 The Final Shape will take place inside The Traveler

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Destiny 2 The FInal Shape The Traveler
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 The Final Shape showcase didn't disappoint. Right out of the gate, Bungie confirmed that the final expansion will take place inside The Traveler, something fans had speculated for months, even years at this point.

Right as The Final Shape showcase started on 22 August, Bungie pulled the curtain officially with an epic trailer that has an Avengers-like vibe with every ally we've made over the last 10 years. Take a look at the video down below.

The Final Shape DLC will take place inside The Traveler

Destiny 1 Tower
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Credit: Bungie
The D1 tower will be back!

Following the Lightfall story with The Witness taking control of The Traveler and seemingly going inside, Bungie confirmed that the final showdown will take place inside this mysterious figure giving us an unprecedented look at it for the first time.

The location will be heavily inspired by previous iconic moments and locales in the Destiny franchise and it is called the Pale Heart. A void filled by memories from Guardians and the Light but that's been corrupted by The Witness and the Darkness.

Some of the locations players were most excited to see included the returning Destiny 1 tower. A place brimming with nostalgia for anyone's that been around since the first game.

Since Bungie wants players to heavily focus on the campaign and finish The Final Shape story before exploring what the Pale Heart has to offer, the location will be unexplorable beyond the realms of what the story will allow them.

Once you finish the campaign the Pale Heart will be open to explore at will, hiding a plethora of secrets and post-campaign content for you to enjoy.


There will be plenty of more information regarding Destiny 2 The Final Shape in the coming months, so we suggest you stick around Gfinity if you want to keep yourself updated!

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