Dark Souls streamer is taking on the game using his feet

Streamer BriggsADA playing Dark Souls with his feet.

For those who love FromSoftware games, having a frustrating time battling through bosses is all part of the fun, even if you might have to take the occasional break to read some humorous messages or tier-list some hats in order to avoid getting too angry.

For many Twitch streamers who count themselves among these ranks, standard playthroughs of the Souls series are no longer tough enough to be a true challenge, leading some to invent unorthodox playing methods designed to spice things up a bit.

While this desire has already led to drawing pad and one-handed playthroughs of Elden Ring, streamer BriggsADA’s latest Dark Souls playthrough has seen him refuse to accept de-feet.

Do you think you could beat any Dark Souls bosses using your toes?

BriggsADA jumped back into this run last week, following a bit of a break from it, with a stream of just under two hours, summing up the challenge with the immortal words: “I can’t believe I’m (expletive) doing this.”

As you can imagine given that BriggsADA admitted that he’d never “gamed with feet” prior to starting the run, things started off with a number of deaths in quick succession, before the streamer got acclimated to the unique control scheme and began carving a path through the game towards the Black Knight Halberd.

The streamer has made significant progress past this point in the days since, with his latest stream seeing him jump into the game’s DLC with the goal of taking down notorious boss Artorias the Abysswalker.

Unfortunately, this proved a little too hard at first, with a string of deaths prompting BriggsADA to head off and try to improve his character’s items a bit more before returning to the knight’s lair.

Thankfully, once a few upgrades had been acquired, BriggsADA was able to best his foe, recording what he then referred to as an “easy dub”, having learned when to attack during the boss’ animations.

A similar victory was achieved over Manus, Father of the Abyss, towards the end of the stream, before BriggsADA capped things out by briefly testing out a blindfolded run through the game.

Regardless of whether this sounds like something you’d like to see (even if BriggsADA can’t), make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and Elden Ring mods that can help you spice up your experience.

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