Warzone: Armored Royale Removed Due To Invisibility Glitch

Fresh from the February 5th update that managed to address the notorious unlimited stim glitch, Call of Duty: Warzone is back in the spotlight after players were turning invisible in the recently-added Armored Royale mode.

Since Black Ops Cold War integration at the beginning of Season One, the immensely popular battle royale has been plagued with a number of game-breaking issues including the invisibility glitch, much to the annoyance of the passionate and vocal community.

Players managing to capitalise on turning invisible to win matches is nothing new. The glitch was first reported in December 2020 and led to developer Raven Software taking swift action to apply a fix for the issue.

The Armored Royale mode played host to the glitch before Raven quickly intervened and removed the playlist altogether.

Here’s everything we know about the glitch and when Armored Royale will make its return.

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Armored Royale Invisibility Glitch

With players quick to drop into Armored Royale, they quickly came across the bug, with some games ending with over five invisible players managing to survive until the very end of the game.

Streamer Yoda0103 shared his experience of encountering invisible players in a video.

The video shows the closing stages of a match where almost all remaining players cannot be seen due to the bug.

With no way of countering it, the playlist has been removed until Raven implements a fix for the glitch.

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This isn’t the first time the invisibility bug has impacted the battle royale. The introduction of the Attack Helicopter caused players to disappear unintentionally, much to the annoyance of those that were unable to eliminate them.

When Will Armored Royale Return?

It is unclear as to when the popular limited-time mode will make its return to Warzone.

As soon as Raven Software manages to figure out what is causing players to turn invisible, it’s likely that the mode will return in a small hotfix.

Until then, players are still able to spot their opponents in regular Warzone matches, meaning there’s still plenty of action-packed fun to be had!

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