Is A New 3rd Person Game Mode Arriving To Warzone?

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Ever since its release back in March 2020, both Infinity Ward and Raven Software have released a variety of new and innovative game modes that offer an alternative to the staple playlists that are on offer within Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty’s immensely popular take on a battle royale game has been under the spotlight in recent weeks after publisher Activision revealed that it had banned 60,000 cheaters in a 24-hour period.


As players continue to seek new and innovative experiences, a leak has emerged revealing details about a new mode that could satisfy demand.

Could a third-person mode be arriving to Warzone?

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Warzone 3rd Person Mode

First leaked in a now-deleted Tweet posted by @ModernWarzone, the game mode is said to resemble first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov.

Warzone 3rd Person Mode Leak

Containing typical battle royale features such as looting, the mode will also contain elements of survival on a post-nuclear map alongside featuring the third-person perspective.

Could this mode be arriving after the Bunker 11 nuclear device has been detonated?!

Third-person perspectives are nothing unusual in the battle royale world.

The likes of PUBG and Fortnite have utilised the perspective from their inceptions and has often led to them standing out in what has become a highly competitive genre.


Alongside a different camera angle, players must head to specific extraction points that will appear on the map.

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Warzone 3rd Person Mode Release Date

The details on the innovative game mode certainly sound exciting for those after an entirely unique Warzone experience.


The Tweet did reveal that there was no timetable for its release, meaning it could release at any point unless the idea is scrapped by Raven Software.

Will It Work?

Warzone 3rd Person mode

The idea of a third-person version of Warzone featuring an increased emphasis on survival certainly sounds interesting.


Third-person modes have featured in past Call of Duty titles but none caught on as players preferred the classic first-person gameplay.

If the mode does release, it will be interesting to see how it is received. Will the community embrace its unique features or will it stick to Warzone’s first-person offerings?

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