Call of Duty: Warzone: Unlimited Stim Glitch Returns

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Season One for Call of Duty: Warzone is nearing the halfway stage.

As players continue to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, numerous bugs and glitches are continuing to arise despite the best efforts of developer Raven Software.


One particular exploit that had a severe impact on the course of a Warzone match was the unlimited stim glitch, an exploit that enabled players to hide in the gas by repeatedly using the equipment in order to tank the damage dealt by the gas.

After being fixed by Raven Software towards the end of 2020, it appears that the infamous exploit has returned once again.

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How To Do The Unlimited Stim Glitch In Warzone

The glitch allows players to hide out in the gas by continuously using the stim in order to prolong their survival as the map shrinks.


With players able to survive within the part of the map that is meant to kill them, players are once again expressing their frustration surrounding the reappearance of the bug.

 Provided you have a stim shot and frag grenade in Warzone, you throw the grenade at a wall and pick it back up.

You then need to drop both your weapons and the exploit should work.

The return of the glitch was discovered by content creator OPADI, who posted a walkthrough for those that want to utilise the bug to their advantage.


The glitch was first discovered in October 2020 and was quickly dealt with by the developers, but with several other issues currently plaguing the battle royale, it may be some time before a new fix is implemented.

We're informing players how it is done to aid them in reporting players for abusing this glitch and hoping that Raven Software can fix it ASAP.

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The Current State Of Warzone

Since the start of Season One and the integration of Black Ops Cold War, the state of Warzone has been somewhat disappointing.


With several bugs often ruining a match for many players combined with a lack of weapon balance, it has certainly been a rocky start to 2021 for arguably one of the most popular battle royale titles on the market.

The mid-season update for Warzone is fast approaching and a fix for the unlimited stim glitch is likely to be included once it goes live on January 14th.