Call of Duty player uncovers instant dropshot mechanic

Screenshot of Call of Duty player laying prone wearing ghillie suit and player standing on concrete block
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Call of Duty player laying prone wearing ghillie suit and player standing on concrete block
Credit: Activision

Mastering movement in Call of Duty often provides players with an advantage over the opposition. Veteran players have already discovered various techniques capable of enhancing their mobility in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, allowing them to outwit unsuspecting foes.

As attention turns to the launch of Season 5, some players are unsure how to feel following the reveal of Nicki Minaj as a playable Operator. Meanwhile, others continue to brand Warzone as "unplayable", despite recent improvements to server performance.

Ahead of the new season, movement remains as key to multiplayer and battle royale matches as ever, which makes one player's uncovering of a technique enabling players to dropshot instantly very noteworthy.

Call of Duty instant dropshot mechanic

YouTuber dreamstrike_ has uploaded a short clip of the instant dropshotting to Twitter, comparing it to the speed of standard dropshots.

Judging by the comments, players are looking forward to using the newly discovered mechanic for themselves, with one saying: "Oh, did you just change the game?"

Another player adds: "Another ridiculous benefit for (controller) users. Isn't the legal aimbot enough or was it called aim assist?" Dreamstrike claims there's no unfair advantage to the instant dropshotting, claming: "You can do this on (mouse and keyboard) and it's easier."

Despite players thinking this particular movement mechanic has the potential to change the pace of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone matches, some aren't concerned by the discovery. One player says: "(There moves) either end up getting patched, or (are) such a pain in the ass that (they) will never be even remotely common."

It's currently unclear if Infinity Ward is aware of this crafty movement exploit, but for now, many are waiting for Dreamstrike to reveal how to perform an instant dropshot.

We'll have to wait and see whether the mechanic catches on, or players stick to the more traditional methods of hitting the deck to avoid elimination.

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