Call of Duty fan plays inside busy fast food kitchen

Call of Duty inside fast foot kitchen
Credit: Activision

Typically, the best place to play Call of Duty is in front of a monitor or TV complete with surround sound for maximum immersion. However, there are some occasions where Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players might not always have access to their own setups.

With all eyes moving towards what the Season Two Reloaded update has in store, players are always on the hunt to gain an advantage over the opposition. As fans continue dropping into the action, some fans are taking their setups to the next level.

After one Call of Duty fan took their equipment to a car dealership, another decided to bring their Xbox to a busy fast food kitchen to keep the grind going while at work.

Call of Duty arrives in fast food kitchen

Spotted by Reddit user CallMeMan05, a fast food worker clearly wanted their Call of Duty fix while on the job. Rather than leaving the Xbox at home, they plugged it into a monitor and headed straight into a DMZ match.

The reason behind playing Call of Duty in the middle of a busy kitchen remains a mystery and we’re not the only ones confused. “Huh?” comments another member of the community wondering why anyone would take their consoles into a busy workplace.

Although the setup isn’t ideal, squeezing a few extra matches might be a solid decision after all. A recent leak claims Season Two will end sooner than many expect despite the battle pass end date showing different information. No official word on when the current season will end has appeared yet but it won’t be long before we hear more.

With more and more fans taking their gear to work for even more Call of Duty action, it’s only a matter of time before we see Captain Price appear in another unexpected location.

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