Modern Warfare 2 fan plays match inside car dealership

Modern Warfare 2 in car dealership
Credit: Activision / Veristrat

Modern Warfare 2 in car dealership
Credit: Activision / Veristrat

Playing games on a huge screen with surround sound is the idea of a perfect evening for several Modern Warfare 2 fans. Despite its issues, Infinity Ward’s latest release continues to prove popular as players drop into the action on a regular basis.

With Season Two in full swing and the arrival of the ISO Hemlock already making an impact on the existing meta, one member of the community has decided to upgrade their existing setup to fully immerse themselves in the action.

Rather than using a monitor and headset combination, the fan was spotted enjoying some multiplayer within the confines of a car dealership.

Modern Warfare 2 in a car dealership

The moment captured by Reddit user ruhaix sees the fan loading into a Farm 18 match inside an Acura dealership with nobody else around. “He’s playing Call of Duty!” exclaims the passenger travelling past.

While there were many to commend the innovative setup, others seemed more concerned about how such a large screen would impact gameplay. “The input lag must be insane,” comments one fan. “I once forgot to set my 55” TV to gaming mode and it felt like moving in molasses,” says another player. “The guy must be issuing instructions to his 2-seconds-into-the-future self playing the game.”

Input lag often results in the movements on the screen appearing after they’re pressed into the controller or keyboard, which is hugely frustrating where the smallest delay can make the difference between scoring a kill or viewing the killcam.

Although the display won’t have the fastest response time, having a huge screen to play Call of Duty on looks like plenty of fun. We’re not envious whatsoever.

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