Fireteam Endurance Tips And Tricks: The Best Strategies To Dominate The Opposition

Since its debut at the release of Black Ops Cold War, the Fireteam mode has gained plenty of popularity from within the passionate community.

The large-scale objective-based mode offers a different take on the Call of Duty multiplayer experience, integrating some mechanics that feature in Warzone to provide a unique gameplay experience.

As part of update 1.11, developer Treyarch has introduced Fireteam Endurance, a new mode that aims to maintain the fast and frenetic action throughout the duration of a match.

With an increased score limit and a total of five objectives to detonate at any one time, Fireteam Endurance is the perfect game mode for those after something bigger than the traditional 6v6 playlists.

Taking place on Alpine, Ruka, and Sanatorium, several tactics and strategies can be utilised to secure the victory.

Here are the best tips and tricks to dominate the opposition on Fireteam Endurance.

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1)     Teamwork Is Key

Fireteam Endurance Black Ops Cold War
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When it comes to Fireteam Endurance, working as a team is a sure-fire way of retrieving enough Uranium to detonate the objective.

At the beginning of the match when flying over the map, agree on a location to land and drop within close proximity of each other. If one of your teammates is downed by an opponent, being nearby enables you to score the kill and revive your comrade so they’re back in the action.

Sticking together is also essential when it comes to detonating the objective. Once the Uranium has been collected, head to the bomb and begin the process of planting. While it can take a while if you’re attempting to plant it by yourself, make sure your teammates are standing next to the bomb to speed up the process.

2)     Use Players As Bait

It’s all too easy to down an enemy and finish them off immediately. While it guarantees another frag on the scoreboard, downed opponents can be used to the advantage of you and your teammates.

Rather than eliminating them quickly, leave the enemy in a downed state as bait for their teammates to head over to them. Once you spot the other members of the opposition, take each one of them out, giving you more kills, and more importantly, less competition to deal with when trying to plant the bomb.

3)     Loadout Variety

Fireteam Endurance Best Weapons
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Due to the sheer size of the Fireteam maps, every single weapon in the Black Ops Cold War arsenal is a viable option to select before dropping into the action.

Rather than all four members of a team sprinting around the map with a rapid-fire SMG in hand, building the perfect combination of weaponry will almost guarantee victory in Fireteam Endurance.

One player equipped with an AK-74u is perfect for negotiating any close-quarters situations that are likely to occur while another team member can dominate the mid-range game with a Krig 6 in hand.

For the remaining two players, the long-range impact is the aim. Select a Stoner 63 with a thermal scope to see targets lurking in the forests of Alpine and Ruka with ease while the final player chooses a LW3 – Tundra to pick off targets from afar.

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