Alpine Map Cold War Guide - Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots, Objective Locations And Everything You Need To Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available across a variety of platforms. 

The fifth chapter of the Black Ops series has introduced a new multiplayer experience alongside a mind-bending campaign and an action-packed zombies mode.

One of the new additions to multiplayer is a new map named Alpine. It has been specifically designed for the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode.

In this guide, find out everything that you need to know about the Alpine map, including the best spots, where to find loot crates, and some handy tips on the fastest ways to detonate the dirty bombs!

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Map Design

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Alpine is one of two maps specifically designed for Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Set in an abandoned ski resort in the Soviet Union, Alpine is one of the largest maps ever seen in a Call of Duty game.

Only available to play on the Dirty Bomb mode, the map contains a wide variety of environments ranging from dense forest lining the mountainside to large multi-storey buildings providing excellent vantage points for those that have successfully made it to the top.

In between the forest is a ski slope with absolutely no cover stopping you from being eliminated by an opponent with the height advantage. Despite the lack of cover, the slope provides a clear way for vehicles to travel up the mountain quickly.

Dotted around the map are several cabins big enough for just one or two players. It can be very easy to get pinned down by a group of multiple enemies, so its important to be quick when opening any loot boxes that could be located inside.

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Alpine black ops cold war map layout
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Tips and Tricks

All Ghillied Up

The forest is the perfect place for snipers to conceal themselves and pick off any opponents that dare to explore what’s in the forest.

Due to the sheer number of trees, there are several lines of sight that can be utilised with a variety of long-range weaponry such as the LW3 – Tundra.

Patience is often the key to success with this style of play. Wait for a Dirty Bomb to appear at the top of the mountain, position yourself within the trees with a clear look at the ski slope, take aim and fire as soon as an enemy makes a break from cover!

Close-Quarters King

If sitting back with a sniper doesn’t appeal and you prefer to get stuck into the action, there are several places where you can get up close and personal with the opposition.

At the top and bottom of the ski slope are two large buildings which are often filled with multiple teams battling for control.

Equip an SMG of your choice alongside a shotgun to deal maximum damage at close range. Switching to the shotgun when the SMG runs out of ammunition is always faster than reloading, and it is a very effective way of breaking the armour plates off an enemy.

This makes them much easier to eliminate and can often be the difference between taking the coward’s way out and making a play on the objective.

Vehicle Support

Alpine features a range of vehicles all capable of making an impact on the battlefield.

If you’re looking to traverse the vast open areas quickly, hop on a snowmobile to reach the objective as fast as possible. Make sure you have a teammate riding with you. They’ll be able to provide some much-needed covering fire while you focus on reaching your destination.

Want something with a bit more firepower? Keep on the look out for tanks which drop from the sky during the match.

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