Sanatorium Map Cold War Guide - Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots, Objective Locations And Everything You Need To Know

The mid-season update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war is now live across all platforms.

The halfway stage of Season One sees the release of the new Dropkick game mode alongside the introduction of a brand-new Fireteam map named Sanatorium.

Set deep within the Ural Plains surrounded by dense forest and lakes, this experimental health retreat looks to be the perfect place to engage in some large-scale warfare.

With a range of areas featuring a variety of engagement opportunities, this latest addition to the Fireteam map pool looks to be one of the best yet.

In this guide, find everything you need to know about the map including the best classes to use, objective locations and the best areas of the map to control in order to secure the victory.

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Sanatorium Map

Sanatorium Map Guide Cold War
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There are several focal points found within the confines of Sanatorium.

The main one is the large island where some form of sculpture sits atop a hill, providing an excellent vantage point of the rest of the island. There are three ways to arrive on the island. Parachute there, swim across the moat or traverse along the exposed bridge.

Within the moat are several smaller islands, all of which are filled with loot boxes and a variety of vehicles that can be used to sail the waters with ease.

The opposite side of the island is a stark contrast to what’s on the other side of the water.

The right-hand side of the map contains a small complex of colourful houses which offer strong sightlines to the second-largest island and the shoreline.

Heading towards the central area of the map is where the main sanatorium building is located. This multi-storey building is filled with numerous entrances and is often a hotbed for intense close-quarters combat. If you can land on the roof, it is a prime position to post up and pick off any opposition with a sniper rifle.

Objective Locations

Sanatorium Objective Locations Black Ops Cold War
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Tips and Tricks

Sanatorium Black Ops Cold War
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Island Warfare

The main island that contains a couple of Dirty Bombs is a strong area to control during the early stages of the game.

There are two ways to play this particular area of the map. Head towards the sculpture for a clear view of the island but if you want to get in amongst the action, the open space that takes up the majority of the island is the perfect place to dominate the mid-range battle.

Rooftop Rumble

Thanks to the central location of the sanatorium, the rooftop provides views of the entire map, including the islands.

As the largest, and tallest, building by some margin, it’s arguably the best place to post up with a quick-firing assault rifle or light machine equipped with a thermal scope.

It may appear like a somewhat unorthodox tactic but by the end of the match, the likelihood of topping the scoreboard is extremely high.

Best Classes

Due to the immense size of Sanatorium, the entire Black Ops Cold War weapon arsenal is viable thanks to the wide variety of engagement opportunities players can end up in.

After a bit of time experimenting with a range of weapons, here are the best weapons to use when dropping into the map:

  • AK-47
  • Bullfrog
  • Stoner 63
  • XM4

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