Apex Legends players discuss whether Season 17's new Legend is too overpowered

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Ballistic holding pistol and view of Apex Legends Storm Point map
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Maintaining a balanced playing field in Apex Legends is a particularly tricky task. With an ever-growing amount of Legends and weapons to choose from, Respawn Entertainment has to apply regular updates to ensure nothing becomes too overpowered.

As attention moves towards what Season 18 has in store, the game's developers have recently unveiled a number of ranked changes aimed at improving its competitive mode. Meanwhile, fans are growing tired of a "game-breaking" Horizon bug impacting the action.

The latest topic of conversation in the Apex community involves one of the most recent additions to its roster of characters. To assess whether the Legend has had a positive impact, players have been discussing whether it's perfectly balanced or is in need of a nerf.

Is Apex Legends' Ballistic too overpowered?

As Season 17 nears its end, user XThejw has headed to Reddit to ask for thoughts and opinions on Ballistic from fellow Apex fans on Ballistic. In a post, they asked: "With the season almost done, what's your opinion about Ballistic? Overpowered or balanced?"

Plenty of players were quick to post their opinions, with one arguing: "He is balanced. His passive isn't very useful outside of when he is using his ultimate (attack), as they are so heavily tied together. (His) tactical is good, but has (a) very clear counterplay that stops it from being oppressive."

On the other hand, there are some that believe Ballistic is the next Legend in line for a nerf. One member of this faction suggested: "Respawn wants him nerfed so that's what we are getting." Not everyone is happy with the idea of this happening, with one player saying: "I don't think he's OP. I main him now and if they nerf him I'm gonna be sad."

The prospect of a Ballistic nerf hasn't gone down well and, if the most recent Seer nerf is anything to go by, there's a chance it could make Ballistic's in-game performance improve.

Any potential future nerfs aside, the vast majority of Apex Legends fans currently seem to believe Ballistic is a solid choice and is more than capable of adding some additional firepower to any squad composition.


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