Apex Legends players frustrated by "game-breaking" Horizon bug

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Horizon pointing and Apex Legends player running while carrying gun
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Encountering a bug in Apex Legends is far from ideal. Throughout Season 17, players dropping into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale have uncovered all kinds of issues that can affect both casual and ranked matches.

With attention slowly turning towards the launch of Season 18, the game's latest patch notes have finally addressed a Trident bug which granted those using the vehicle immunity to damage.

Despite the developers managing to address that issue, fans have now uncovered another, which is impacting one of the game's more popular Legends. This time around, the bug involves Horizon and some players believe it's managing to break the game.

Apex Legends Horizon bug is breaking the game

To raise awareness of the issue, user mhuxtable1 has shared some details about it on Reddit. In their post, they claim: "It has been going on for seasons now that Horizon has quite literally zero footsteps."

In addition to agreeing about Horizon's footsteps, other players in the thread have suggested the Legend needs further changes in order to bring it in line with the rest of the game's available skirmishers. One said: "Horizon, in general, needs attention from Respawn. (I'm) so tired of her kit and I hope she gets nerfed at the start of next season."

Audio issues have affected Apex Legends for a number of seasons. There are also other Horizon features that fans want Respawn Entertainment to adjust. One fan in the thread argued: "Her hitbox is the real problem. I'm not taking anywhere near the damage I normally do."

It's currently unclear if the developer plans to nerf Horizon in the next seasonal update, but there's always a possibility of that happening. The most recent Legend to receive a major change is Seer, but one pro player believes this has not had the desired effect.

For now, Horizon remains one of the stronger characters to use in casual and competitive play.

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