Apex Legends devs unveil Season 18 ranked changes

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Season 17 of Apex Legends introduced widespread changes to the game's ranked mode, much to the frustration of players loading into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale.

With attention shifting towards the launch of Season 18, criticism of the game's competitive modes continues to pop up on a regular basis. In recent weeks, one professional player has blasted the system, claiming that it's allowing currently more players to reach Master tier than even before.

Following confirmation from one developer that changes to ranked would be on their way, Respawn Entertainment has now shed light on exactly how it plans to improve the system once the new season gets underway.

Apex Legends Season 18 ranked changes revealed

On July 19, Respawn Entertainment uploaded a blog post revealing details of what it learned from Season 17's ranked system and some of the adjustments it'll be making in a bid to address issues raised in community feedback.

Changes include a reduction to Ladder Points (LP), which aims to counter the uneven distribution between skill divisions, as well as increase to stakes and losses for those in Diamond division and above.

Overall, community reaction to the changes seems positive. One fan on Twitter said: "Reading over everything, it looks like a huge step in the right direction. I'm looking forward to seeing how these changes improve the current system!"

In addition to the blog post, Respawn Entertainment has also announced it will host an AMA session on the Apex Legends Reddit in which players can ask questions about the changes and give their feedback to the developers. The session is set to take place on July 21, from 5.30 PM BST until 7.30 PM BST.

The changes to Apex Legends ranked are a step in the right direction, following a mixed reception to the adjustments made at the beginning of Season 17. After the AMA, there are bound to be plenty more thoughts and opinions from players on what the developer has in store.

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