Apex Legends players want the option to change Prestige skin colours

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin and different paint colours
Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Pexels

Apex Legends boasts a wide variety of cosmetic items players can unlock and purchase for their favourite Legends and weapons. The Neon Network event gives players an opportunity to grab a bunch of interesting rewards, with one being a highly-coveted Prestige skin for Valkyrie.

With attention gradually pivoting towards the launch of Season 18, players have recently been discussing whether Season 17's new Legend is overpowered, while others have encountered a frustrating Horizon bug.

As this latest collection event progresses, one player has decided to use it as a chance to argue that Prestige skin owners should have access to an additional layer of customisation.

Apex Legends players want to change the colours of Prestige skins

Seeking to make a case for the addition of the ability to change the colours of Prestige skins to the game, user Operatorttv has taken to Reddit armed with an edit showing a green version of Bloodhound's skin.

Based on the reaction of fellow players to the post the proposal would prove a pretty popular addition to Apex. "I think they should make something similar to Destiny 2 where you can change (the) colours (of) your skins, (so) even if two people have the same skin, it doesn't look (like that) because of (the) colours," suggested one player in the thread.

Others believe EA should charge for the ability to recolour a Prestige skin or an Heirloom.

Other FPS games, such as Warframe, provide players with the option to purchase colour palettes, instead of the ability to fully customise skins. "I have spent more money on Warframe than I have on Apex, and Warframe is nearly 100% free," admitted another player, adding: "I have purchased so many skins and colour palettes just to explore (the) possibilities."

It's unclear if Respawn Entertainment ever plans to implement colour customisation for Prestige skins. That said, the studio often acknowledges player suggestions, so there's always a possibility of players gaining the ability to switch up their colour scheme.

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