Apex Legends players think popular map could soon be destroyed

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Storm Point map and Apex Legends character waving arms in air
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The start of a new Apex Legends season is moving into view, much to the excitement of players dropping into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale.

Season 18 will be the next major update, but before players prepare to climb aboard the dropship for it, they've been discussing their favourite Season 17 weapons, in addition to asking for the chance to change Prestige skin colours.

The latest topic of conversation in the Apex community involves potential changes to a popular map. After piecing together a number of in-game clues, one player thinks imminent destruction and widespread changes are on their way.

Apex Legends Storm Point destruction

In a Twitter thread, content creator Grrted has suggested that they believe the Storm Point map is being set up for some changes, having spotted various weather warnings and something sinister closing in on the edge of the island.

Inside the map's buildings, red weather warnings reporting an extreme weather alert are active, while a cluster of menacing dark clouds have gathered close to the edge of the Fish Farms point of interest. Both of these seem to suggest a major storm is on its way to Storm Point.

Based on player reaction, many are ready for Respawn Entertainment to make changes to the map. One says: "Boom, half the map flooded and destroyed and they make it smaller and less boring."

On the other hand, there's always a chance Respawn Entertainment is laying the foundations for more significant changes arriving at a later date.

There's a high chance that Season 18 provides more information on what the storm has in store. For now, it appears the storm heading to Storm Point has the potential to leave lasting changes that impact the map's layout and points of interest.

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