Apex Legends players reveal favourite Season 17 weapons

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Screenshot of Apex Legends player carrying weapon and Apex Legends player holding Wingman
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to weapons, Apex Legends players have plenty of choice. Ranging from close-quarters shotguns to long-distance snipers, there's something to suit everyone's desires in Season 17.

With attention gradually turning towards the upcoming Season 18, players are looking forward to the addition of ranked changes aimed at improving the game's competitive experience.

The latest topic of debate among those dropping into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale involves the entire arsenal of weapons on offer. Ahead of the new season, players are revealing their top three weapons from the most recent one.

The top Apex Legends Season 17 weapons, according to players

As Season 17 nears its end, user N3oshadow has taken to Reddit in a bid to uncover the three most popular weapons in the entire game.

The player asked their fellow FPS fanatics: "What are your top 3 weapons so far?" Judging by the post's comments, there are a few standout performers, such as one player's lineup: "R-301, Nemesis, Flatline."

Assault rifles have dominated throughout Season 17, thanks to their impressive damage output and lack of recoil in mid-range scenarios.

The Nemesis Burst AR featured in several of the thread's selections. Its minimal kick has led to many players brand it as overpowered, resulting in several calls for a nerf.

Alongside the Nemesis and the R-301, there are some players that still prefer to use the Spitfire even if stronger options are available. As one player says: "Sometimes the Spitfire just works."

Other notable mentions include the Mastiff shotgun and the Bocek Bow, the latter of which is still capable of making an impact despite its lack of popularity.

Screenshot of Apex Legends player holding Nemesis Burst AR
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment
The Nemesis remains an excellent choice in Apex Legends

With Season 18 on the horizon, there's every chance a fresh dose of weapon balancing influences the popularity of certain weapons soon. For now, the Nemesis and the R-301 are leading the charge, based on player feedback.

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