Apex Legends player finds perfect counter to invincible Tridents

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Horizon and Apex Legends players riding Trident
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Throughout Season 17 of Apex Legends, fans jumping into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale have experienced numerous issues with various aspects of the game.

While information on Season 18 continues to pop up, community members have recently been encountering a Trident bug that grants the ship's pilots immunity to gunfire. Some have also been debating which of the game's season is its best ever.

Whether in casual or ranked matches, players are utilising the Trident bug to their advantage. Now, though, one player looks to have found the perfect counter tactic to stop the vehicles during the final stages of a match.

Apex Legends Trident bug counter

To showcase this counter, user -_4n0n_- headed to Reddit armed with a clip of them playing a match that had entered the a final circle scenario, with one opponent piloting the indestructible vehicle in a bid to score the win.

As you can see in the clip, to dodge the incoming Trident, the player used Horizon's Gravity Lift to catapult the vehicle into the air for a short period of time. Shortly afterwards, the Trident comes crashing down and -_4n0n_- manages to secure the victory.

While many players in the thread were impressed by the ingenious technique that can seemingly stop the bug from ruining a match, others shared their frustrations surrounding the lack of a fix. One said: "What a pathetic company, how has this not been patched yet?"

In addition to Horizon's Gravity Lift, another fan has uncovered a different crafty counter to combat the vehicles. They claim: "In Ranked, I was able to disable the Trident with a Wattson fence. (It's) a band-aid on a bigger problem, but it was still satisfying."

The Trident bug has been affecting players for over a week, much to their annoyance. It's unclear what's causing Tridents to become invincible, but there's a high chance Respawn Entertainment is already working on a solution to prevent pilots from gaining an unfair advantage.

While we wait on a Trident fix, take a look at our Apex Legends tier list showcasing the best characters to use for the rest of Season 17.


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