Apex Legends' top-ranked player receives mid-game ban

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Apex Legends player aiming with gun and Apex Legends Predator badge on black background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Encountering a potential cheater during an Apex Legends match is hugely frustrating. Whether you're in a casual or ranked match of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale, encountering someone that seems to be gaining an unfair advantage can often just make you want to leave.

With Season 18 currently in progress, some players believe that fighting one overpowered Legend is an "exhausting" task, while others are hoping the developers acknowledge their demands to reverse matchmaking changes.

During a recent ranked match, a player sat at the very top of the game's competitive ladder was hit with a ban, following cheating accusations from other Apex Legends competitors.

Top Apex Legends ranked player banned

The player, who goes by the handle Facilitatur, was attempting to eliminate an opponent in a match, before suddenly disappearing. Shortly after this occurred, a message in the game's kill feed appeared, confirming that they'd been removed.

The accusations surrounding Facilitatur started on August 22, when professional player HisWattson suggested they'd been caught cheating three times before making their way to the top of the ranked ladder.

"I've played against this guy a lot and I've literally never shot him in the back or caught him off guard. They just always know you're coming," claimed HisWattson in a follow-up tweet.

After falling victim to the ban hammer for an apparent fourth time, Facilitatur has taken to Twitter to bid farewell to the Apex Legends community.

While many are pleased to see another suspected cheater banned from competitive Apex Legends, others have urged Facilitatur to move to another game and build up their reputation without using any kind of hacks to gain an advantage. The commenter in question suggested: "Go play other games and do it the right way."

The ban of Facilitatur is one of several recent bans conducted by Apex Legends' anti-cheat team. On August 23, Respawn Entertainment revealed it issued "a number of bans" to ensure a level playing field for all players dropping into the action.


Guaranteeing no cheaters pop up in the game is a tricky task, but it's great to see Respawn Entertainment doing its best to clean up all tiers of the ranked ladder.

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