Apex Legends players demand reversal of matchmaking changes

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Apex Legends players standing together and Valkyrie holding gun
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The topic of Apex Legends matchmaking continues to generate plenty of discussion among players loading into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale. Whether it's creating balance or imbalance, the developers often make changes to the existing system.

With Season 18 now underway, players claim matchmaking continues to get worse, while others remain split following a shield change designed to influence the pace of play.

Debates surrounding matchmaking continue to arise. The latest from one player suggests the developers should reverse changes in a bid to improve the state of casual matches.

Apex Legends matchmaking reversal

With the latest season progressing, user PoppityPing234 headed to Reddit with a question: "Will matchmaking actually get reversed?"

Judging by the comments, there are players that are in favour of Respawn Entertainment reversing Apex Legends matchmaking or taking further action to improve the game. One player says: "If they can't fix matchmaking, why not just completely remove it? Pubs should just be casual."

Others are in agreement. Another adds: "Pubs are 100% redundant if it's just going to give me the same lobbies as Master/Predator."

While players hope the developer listens to their concerns, others aren't convinced any changes will happen anytime soon. One player thinks: "Being Respawn? They will claim to fix it in [six] months and then pretend they didn't know this was going to happen."

The Apex Legends developers are no strangers to taking onboard player feedback, meaning there's a chance changes to matchmaking are on their way in a future update. For now, expect some stiff opposition when dropping into casual matches. As for ranked matches, matchmaking plays an integral role in ensuring a competitive match takes place.

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