Apex Legends players split following Season 18 shield changes

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Apex Legends orange shield and Ballistic standing with hands behind back
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Obtaining additional protection in the form of a shield during an Apex Legends match can often make the difference between surviving a hotly-contested fight and taking a premature trip back to the main menu.

Season 18 of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale is well underway and alongside Revenant Reborn, the developers have adjusted the spawn rate of blue and purple evo shields in a bid to improve the game's balance.

While some of the players who've dropped into the action since the adjustments were deployed approve of the effects they've having so far, others believe they've slowed the pace of play and are preventing players from taking on opponents over the course of a match.

Apex Legends shield changes divide players

After loading into the new season, user TheDeathbat headed to Reddit to ask: "What's everyone thinking about the evo shield changes?"

They revealed: "So far, I've hated the changes. It feels so miserable to loot an entire area in Trios and only have one person come out with a blue evo."

Some of the other players in the thread also aren't fans, with one saying: "(I'm) not a fan of the changes either since you can't level up your shield even after knocking someone."

In Season 18, players are required to deal 200 points of damage to upgrade their shield from white to blue. Additionally, the spawn rate of blue and purple shields has been reduced.

On the other hand, one player wasn't sure why there's so much negative sentiment surrounding the changes, arguing: "I actually love this change. People have to earn their evos now. I know there will always be RNG in Apex, but this is a good change."

Considering Season 18 is still in its early stages, there's still plenty of time for players to adapt to the shield adjustments. Respawn Entertainment is no stranger to taking on board player feedback and if players continue to grow frustrated, changes could be on the horizon.

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