Apex Legends players think fighting overpowered Legend is "exhausting"

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Apex Legends Horizon holding glowing blue handle and Horizon sticking hand out
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

There are plenty of different legends on offer to those dropping into an Apex Legends match. Although the game's developers apply regular buffs and nerfs to the game's roster of colourful characters, there are inevitably a few that stand out from the crowd at any given time, thanks to their superior performance.

As Season 18 continues to progress, players are still attempting to open a mysterious door within the firing range, in addition to growing tired of a perceived lack of transparency surrounding player ranks.

The latest issue that's got Apex players talking involves an overpowered Legend continuing to prove popular. Players believe the character in question is so strong that attempting to fight them during a match is an "exhausting" experience.

Fighting Horizon in Apex Legends is "exhausting"

To raise awareness of how overpowered they believe Horizon to be, user NizzyDeniro has recently taken to Reddit and revealed the reasons why, in their estimation, it's currently tiring to take on the character in casual and ranked matches.

The player argued: "I feel like (Horizon) has too many advantages in a fight. She's been a broken Legend since she was introduced and she's no different now. I feel like she breaks too many fundamental rules every other Legend is bound by."

Plenty of their fellow players seem to agree. "I've been killed by Horizon's ultimate and nade spam many times,", said one, adding that they think Respawn Entertainment needs to intervene with some kind of nerf.

Although there are currently no signs of a Horizon nerf being planned for the near future, players are already suggesting adjustments to the Legend in order to try and balance their abilities with the rest of the roster. One suggested: "I think a good fix would be to swap Horizon's ultimate and tactical. The current tactical as an ultimate could last a bit longer and the current (ultimate) as a tactical would be almost like Revenant's old tactical."

Considering the game's developers have recently released Revenant Reborn, a complete rework of Revenant's abilities, there's a chance a Horizon could be next in line for an overhaul.

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