Apex Legends player discovers mysterious door in firing range

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Apex Legends players posing on green background and locked firing range door
Credit: Respawn Entertainment / u/DisposableCarapace

No matter whether they're in casual or competitive Apex Legends matches, players of Respawn's battle royale are used to being able to open, close, and even break down doors at will.

Following the launch of Season 18, some players are frustrated about the game becoming less transparent about player ranks, while others have been utilising detailed infographics to pitch potential legend buffs and nerfs to the game's developers.

After loading into the firing range for some target practice, one eagle-eyed player has uncovered a mysterious locked door, leaving many wondering what secrets could potentially be hiding on the other side.

Apex Legends locked door mystery

The sleuth in question, Reddit user DisposableCarapace, has shared a screenshot showing the locked door and a prompt to interact with it.

Players were quick to start theorising what Respawn Entertainment could have placed behind the locked door. After some testing, one player has suggested: "I realised the door un-renders and re-renders at a specific distance. So if you are 57 metres or more away, it un-renders. If you are closer than 57 metres, it will have the door there."

Another believes the developer has added another familiar Easter Egg into the battle royale. The player theorised: "They added a new Nessie, (I'm) unsure about (its) location." If the door is locked, there's certainly a chance something Respawn doesn't want players to see just yet is behind it.

Upon closer inspection, one Legend reacted differently from the others, suggesting the door could open up another potential storyline. They mused: "Maybe Vantage sees a dark place that she can't see into. Survival instinct says maybe don't trust that."

Aside from its fast-paced battle royale action, Apex Legends often features storylines surrounding a number of its playable characters. For now, we'll just have to wait and see if a way to unlock the strange door emerges.

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