Where To Find Suppressed Weapons In Fortnite?

Sneak week is finally upon us in Fortnite. And I'm sure that everyone has already started making the most out of it.

Wild Weeks was a special month long challenge series introduced in Fortnite Season 6. The previous wild weeks revolved around the different elements. This season it will probably be revolving around the damage aspect in Fortnite.

That being said, for the first Fortnite Season 7 Wild Week, that is also being dubbed as sneak week, you need to damage enemy loopers with suppressed weapons.

But where do you find these suppressed weapons?

Where to find suppressed weapons in Fortnite?

For this specific Wild Week in Fortnite, all snipers, pistols and assault rifles are suppressed from epic rarity and above.

That means if you come across epic and legendary variants of any of the weapons mentioned above as floor loot, they will be suppressed. But then again, epic variant weapons rarely occur as floor loot.

Your best bet in order to acquire these weapons would be from legendary chests placed all over the island. Not only that, you could also dive into the I.O. chests in Fortnite.

Not only the I.O. chests, the cosmic chests also have a chance of yielding suppressed weapons in Fortnite.

That being said, if you get your hands on any assault rifle, sniper rifle or pistol, you could consider using an upgrade bench to upgrade them to epic rarity and above. This will also convert your weapons into their suppressed versions.

However, the upgrade is only feasible if you have enough gold with you. If you don't then consider doing some in game missions to accumulate the gold and then go for the upgrade path.

Either way, these are the few methods in which you can acquire suppressed weapons in Fortnite.

While you're hunting for the suppressed weapons and grinding for the Wild Week Challenges, don't forget to complete the Fortnite weekly challenges either!

Have fun!

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